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Annie Sloan first developed her now famous decorative paint, Chalk Paint (TM), over 20 years ago. When she started developing it, she wanted to create a decorative paint that was immediate and allowed her to be direct and spontaneous. She had three young boys under 7 at the time, so she had little time to decorate. She wanted a fast turn around – paint in the morning, then wax and put it back in position by the afternoon.

What’s more, she wanted to develop a paint that could go on more or less anything – old and new wood, metal, plastic, cement, bricks, etc. – all with no priming, no sanding, no preparation needed.

She also wanted the colours to be mixable without becoming dead or muddy – indeed, the way she makes colours is not the same as any other paint company.

She called her paint Chalk PaintTM because of its beautiful velvety, matt finish.

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